Rufus on the family farm

Modern websites for down to earth people & businesses

I grew up on a farm in Buckinghamshire, and I’m so lucky for that.

The farm, the animals, and my parents taught me so much… Absolutely nothing about websites, but so much about life, priorities and pertinently reputation. It’s a strong currency in that world.

I started my career in London and have been building websites for over 15 years. Since moving to Marlow I’ve enjoyed building a reputation for brilliant, functional websites and working with local entrepreneurs.

That’s what I mean by down to earth. I’m more familiar getting my hands dirty, and letting my work do the talking.

If you’re someone who’s showing up, building something special, and passionate about what you do, then the chances are:

  1. We’re quite similar.
  2. You’re already doing great marketing.
  3. I can make more from what you’re building.

Some enjoyable projects for me recently have been in:

  • Devops
  • Agriculture
  • Family Businesses
  • Technology Startups
  • Golf

BUT The truth is.

I love learning about new things, and learning from new people.

What I know is not exclusively what I’m good at, and I believe everyone has the ability to inform and inspire anyone else.

That’s why I’m happy to list the industries I’ve worked in – but speaking from experience – I always expect a bigger success is hiding around the corner. In an industry I’ve not even heard of yet.

Please reach out if you think I can help, or book 30 minutes with me to chat if that’s more up your street.