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Critical Friend Partnership is an exclusive consultancy service for the Insurance sector. I worked closely with Richard to bring the website to life with video, and give the business the best exposure through strong technical SEO decisions.

within 6 months

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Critical Friend Partnership

Rufus provided a clear process to follow, and helped push both the project and I forward. We got the website up and running within 3 weeks, and it's exceeded my expectations.

Richard Pitt
Critical Friend Partnership

Deep Video Integrations

Given we were starting from scratch a key consideration for Richard was to create a very strong technical base from which to grow from. I needed to make sure he starting to feature on the front page of Google for his branded term.

  • I went deep with the SEO on this website, making sure it loaded as quickly as a website can – it’s built with the Gatsby framework and hosted on Netlify.
  • Video was our way peaking our audience interest for the page content, large video backgrounds were used for every page.
  • Testimonials were critical in showcasing the effectiveness of their offering.
Solid SEO and technical foundation delivers results.

Behind the fancy facade, I also worked on integrating the website with key digital marketing tools such as:

Website integrated with Netlify Website integrated with Microsoft Teams Website integrated with Google Analytics Website integrated with Adroll Website integrated with LinkedIn

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